Honey Chipotle Portobello Sliders with Mustard Slaw

Honey Chipotle Portobello Sliders with Mustard Slaw - Enjoy portobello mushrooms a whole new way with these easy grilled sliders that are topped with a creamy mustard slaw. Bring this hit to your next bbq! (Vegan & GF) | CLICK the picture NOW to get the RECIPE and/or SAVE FOR LATER!

Aren’t burgers just cuter, and let’s go with even tastier, when they are in slider version? Well these little portobello mushroom sliders are no different. They hit the grill after having a portobello burger marinade bath in honey and chipotle sauce, just to be topped with a mustard coleslaw. Yeah, you heard (okay well, read) that right. A little twist on your traditional coleslaw recipe, but no worries it’s just as creamy. Plus it’s also a super easy coleslaw recipe ta’boot. Side note, do you say ta’boot? Or is it a Canadian-Michigander thing, aka a just me thing?

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