New Beginnings + A Goodbye from Noming

Find out what the future holds for Quote from Rumi: What You Seek Is Seeking You.

I could probably write this post a hundred times and never say it the exact way I want to.

But let’s start from the beginning, and hope we get somewhat close.

As a Child

When I was a child I didn’t play house. I played bank. When I was a child I didn’t dream of a perfect little family. I dreamed of owning my own business.

It’s funny how right a child’s intuition can be, and how this world tries to bury it underneath things like “responsibility”, “expectations”, and the list of things as adults we blame for not running and thinking free like we did as children.

When I was, oh, 10-ish, my father opened a one-hour photo – you know when we had to make trips to stores to print our photos just to see what did and didn’t turn out. Most days you could find me running the cash register/front of the store. I was known to break down the advantages and disadvantages to any customer who would listen before they made their purchase. I was the sales team.

In high school, I decided to cold-call businesses to gain their advertising in our yearbook. We had a hard time making money, and I didn’t understand why we hadn’t been cold calling all along anyway. We never had trouble with making sales from then on.

From a young age, I knew what I was good at. But when the world starts pushing and shoving it’s hard to stay true to you.

College Days

In college, I changed majors like people change their toilet paper rolls. I started in Poli Sci, moved to some sort of exercise science. Then back to poli sci. Then applied for photography school in Cali. was accepted, but didn’t go out of fear that it was irresponsible. Back to poli sci. Then psychology for a good little while. Then a hot second in English.

After years of not really getting anywhere, and my own college counselor telling me I should consider a Liberal Arts degree just so I can get out of there, I knew I had to make a decision.

If you are wondering why all along I hadn’t just gone the obvious route (business), I suppose I can try to explain. Remember when we go off to college we are so young, and expected to have answers that some never find.

I was told all along in grade school I should go into politics, and I could be somebody. But I didn’t want to be that somebody and hadn’t come to terms with that until semesters of college courses made it evident. Psychology was the only other degree I really spent some time in and while I loved it, it wasn’t right for me. I wouldn’t necessarily be the best at it. And I wasn’t willing to settle for just being alright or even pretty good.

Even though it seemed I had roots in business, I stayed clear because I thought I would be failing if I chose a business degree. One, because most kids are told if they don’t know what to do to just get a degree in business, and I wanted my education to amount to something. And two, because I felt like it was a waste of time and money since I believed in my strengths so much that I felt being in a classroom learning things I was already confident in was not why I went to college.

Now to scoot to the very end of this gloriously long review of my academic life, I did finally finish college with a degree…. in Business Management. How did I convince myself to in the end? By answering a simple question: what is it that I can be the very best at?

First Job

Before graduating I was offered a job/career path in corporate sales, which I accepted and finished my last year of college working full-time and going to school full-time. I had landed a big time job and they wanted me before I wasn’t even through with school. I felt justified.

After all the dust of simultaneously going to school and working settled, and it was just me and corporate America, I came to terms with the fact that I was not happy. Actually, I hated it. There wasn’t enough money that could have made me want to do that for any length of time in my life.

Noming Was Given Life

But along the way came Noming. I spent hours researching how to build a blog, an online presence and make a blog into a business.

I wanted to love Noming with everything I had. I had found something that was my own (sort of, I mean a gazillion people have food blogs these days). I love cooking and sharing what I make. I love photography. But instead Noming stole my outlets, it made the things I do to feel at home within myself and made them an obligation… a job. And in turn, I struggled with it too. I knew for a long time it wasn’t right. But I wanted to make it work. So many people had said such amazingly wonderful things to me about this little site I created, and I didn’t want to let it go, in part, because of them (and you).

The truth is Noming still wasn’t where I was meant to be. I was living someone else’s dream, not mine. My heart lies in research, in marketing and sales tactics… in the art of business. It’s where my child-heart knew I belonged, yet I let myself drift away. Life has a funny way of always pushing you down or towards the route you belong on… I suppose “what you seek is seeking you,” (Rumi).

Introducing Meghan Kyle

So this brings me to

Meghan Kyle, or MK as I affectionately refer to it, is a resource for bloggers, small business owners and budding entrepreneurs covering all aspects of online marketing. It gets nitty-gritty with social media, emails, site optimization and conversions, and a lot more.

It’s about letting people live the life they dreamed about when they were a kid, and what they want for themselves now. It’s about getting your message out there and living on your terms. It’s about doing what feels right with your life, not what expectations have pushed on you.

So if you or someone you know falls into the categories above, whether that’s a seller for Mary Kay or Thirty-One, a small boutique owner or fellow food blogger, I want to help you (or them, but we’ll say YOU because there’s always something you can offer to this world). I want you to know what direction to go that will help you be the biggest success you can and take away any fear of finding your next client or sale.

I want to help you land on your path and stick it. I want you to not run from what you are good at like I have for far too long. I want this time to be your time.

MK will be launching in 2017. If interested, you can be the first to know when we’re live by getting a quick shout out in your inbox by entering your email HERE. MK is also making waves on social media as of now, so we can connect on there too. I’d love to hear from you and have you be apart of this next adventure! We are on: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank You

Now I want to say one last thing. Thank You! If you’ve been a long time reader/eater or if this is your first visit here… YOU are the reason that I made Noming. And YOU are the reason I’ve chosen to take a bigger step with MK. Because over the last couple years so much kindness has been shown my way. And now I’m going to send that all back plus more, my way – through MK.

So thank you… I love you from the very bottom of my heart.

Goodbye from Noming and I’ll see you on the other side. <3