About Meg…


Hi ya! I’m Meg (Meghan) the writer, photographer, and recipe curator here at Noming thru Life. And right away I have to be honest with you. I once was one of those people who bombarded my “friends” on Facebook with what I was making for dinner every night. Eventually I started to feel bad for the hundreds who probably didn’t care. So in an effort to not torture the majority Noming thru Life was created. Nowadays, you will find more than just dinner recipes. In fact you will find mostly whole foods dishes with a number of seasonal eats thrown in. Oh and that dude you see sometimes around here, that’s Logan. He’s the tech wizard behind the site. He’s also my professional potato peeler and high object grabber. He has a lot of titles.


Following our dreams.

Currently, we reside in Columbus, Ohio with our adorable monster bunny Chewy, see monster above. We found ourselves here chasing Logan’s dream of becoming an Electrical Engineer at Ohio State. For me though, after more years than I care to admit I was finally able to convince a university to give me a degree. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Findlay with a degree in Business Management. To this day they have given me the most expensive piece of paper I have ever owned. And with that paper I now chase my dream of foodie glory which has nothing to do with my college education – love you Mom!

It all started with Alfredo.

You know, I never cooked before Logan. I never had a passion like I do now. Don’t get me wrong food was my passion, but making it, not so much. But when Logan and I first started dating something happened. We had only been together for maybe a week and I decided, hey I want to make this guy something legit. So I opted for fettuccine Alfredo. I grabbed a number of Italian cookbooks off the shelf at the bookstore I was working at. And on a scrap piece of paper scribbled a few ingredients and directions to use as a reference. That night I made my first of many many meals that Logan would devour and leave me with little to no leftovers.

An itty bitty kitchen & obsession.           

Beyond spending time in my itty bitty kitchen which has bestowed the knowledge upon me that a toaster makes an excellent shelf, and the best wall art a girl can have is a spice rack – I sort of have a thing for Netflix. I am known to binge watch entire seasons of television shows in as little amount of time as possible. I am also quite fond of cute furry animals (no size limit), traveling and Chai Latte sipping. Fall is my favorite season and I couldn’t live without carbs.

Want to get in touch with me? Shoot me a message at Meg (at) NomingthruLife (dot) com. Or head on over to the Contact page and fill out the form.