Caprese Bites

Caprese Bites - A crazy easy & simple appetizer made with only 3 ingredients! Recipe @

Wasn’t it just Christmas? Annnd now it’s time for New Years Eve/Day. Oh well, that means it’s time to eat again, right!? And if your head is still spinning from Xmas and you need a super last minute appetizer I’ve got your back!

Cute little Caprese Bites that are impossible to mess up… so much so that you could even put your kids or non-cooking partner in charge of making. Yaaaa… that easy.

So these little guys are:
Include only 3 store bought ingredients.
Crazy easy.

I would go ahead and say that these little bites are perfect for any party or gathering. Winter or Summer. Small group or large. They are a great pop of flavor too that’s light and refreshing. A lot of appetizers can be heavy or rich, and these are a nice break from that norm and are a good offering to lighten up your guests plates as well. Plus they are kind of a cute. But I’m a sucker for mini foods.

So three ingredients… cherry tomatoes, marinated ciliegine (cherry sized) mozzarella, and fresh basil. All you need to make/assemble are toothpicks or small skewers. Ya that’s it! Really! And if you are super lazy or are making this insanely last minute and the grocery store doesn’t have basil – skip it. There is enough flavor you can make do without. If you cannot find marinated mozzarella though it is definitely more crucial.

Caprese Bites - A crazy easy & simple appetizer made with only 3 ingredients! Recipe @

All that goes into making these Caprese Bites is taking one of each ingredient and skewering it. DONE! I usually stick the toothpick into a mozzarella ball then, add my basil, and skewer a tomato on top lengthwise. And to further my laziness I simply take one basil leaf and just fold it in half or into quarters to fit it nicely in between the mozzarella and tomato. Yaa I don’t even worry about the leaves all being the same size. Don’t think just assemble.

I love these Caprese Bites, and that could have to do with my love of actual caprese salad.. And this essentially is just a caprese sald in bite sized form. So I was an easily sale. But what I SUPER love about these little guys is that they use marinated mozzarella. Can you say flavor glory!?!? I could eat just the mozzarella. And often have to stop myself and remember that I am attempting to feed others an actual appetizer and not just myself with an entire container of marinated mozzarella. These cheesy heaven has a great aromatic herby flavor that melds perfectly with the subtle creaminess of the cheese. Mmmmm… Seriously just hand me the cheese already!

Caprese Bites - A crazy easy & simple appetizer made with only 3 ingredients! Recipe @

If you don’t specifically see marinated ciliegine mozzarella at your store look for a similar size. Some stores may carry bocconcini (ball sized) which is larger and you may want to cut into halves or quarters to skewer properly. Or they may have smaller sized mozzarella such as marinated perline (pearl sized). Most often though the marinated mozzarella is ciliegine mozzarella, so that’s good news. But at the end of the day you essentially just want to match up the size with your cherry tomatoes. No matter the size though whatever you do go for marinated, puhhlease!

Caprese Bites - A crazy easy & simple appetizer made with only 3 ingredients! Recipe @

Right, so with one 12oz container of mozzarella you will be able to make between 20-30 bites, depending on how much cheese you eat while assembling. So for me it’s always closer to 20, or 15. Oops. If you are feeding a big crowd check out your local big box store like Sam’s Club or Costco they sometimes carry a massive candy bucket sized jar of marinated mozzarella. Which could be a bad idea if you are known to eat while you assemble, because it surely doesn’t help with exercising self control.

Caprese Bites - A crazy easy & simple appetizer made with only 3 ingredients! Recipe @
Yield: approx. 25 skewers


  1. 12 ounces marinated ciliegine mozzarella
  2. 1 pint cherry tomatoes
  3. 1/2 ounce fresh basil


  • To assemble, take one toothpick or small skewer and skewer one piece of mozzarella on to the bottom of the toothpick/skewer, then from the top add a basil leaf followed by a cherry tomato. Repeat until all mozzarella has been used. 


If basil leaves are too large to skewer as is, feel free to fold in half or quarters.
Per Serving
Calories Fat Protein Carbs WW+
36 2g 3g 0g 1 pts
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