I have a question on a recipe. What should I do?
No problem! Please leave any questions or comments you have in the “Comments” section of that recipe/post. That way maybe we can help someone else out.

I made your recipe and it didn’t turn out. How come?
Man, I am sorry to hear that. I wish I could tell you what exactly went wrong. But without being in the kitchen with you it’s kind of difficult to determine what happened. A number of possibilities could have occurred such as: did you substitute for an ingredient? Did you follow the recipe as is, meaning the same temperature, quantities, time, dried vs. fresh, etc.? If you are still unsure I’m happy to try and troubleshoot with you. Let me know what was unsatisfactory and I’ll do my best to help.

What happens to all of the food you make?
Logan. Leftovers seldom last past a single day in this house. It’s great because I never have to worry about anything going bad, it’s a shame because sometimes you just can’t get enough and can’t wait for those leftovers. And for me that doesn’t happen too often. He’s a big eater.

Can I use your photos or recipe on my website/blog?
Yeah baby! Thanks for asking. Please just do the following:
Recipes: Please rewrite the recipe in your own words and provide at least one obviously seen link, which takes the reader back to the page of the original recipe on Noming thru Life.
Photos: Please send a request through the Contact page or email Meg (at) Nomingthrulife (dot) com with your intentions for the image. A photo credit and link back to the original photo on Noming thru Life will be required.

How do you measure flour?
I use the spoon and sweep method. This translates to – gently spooning the flour into a measuring cup until it is overfilled/heaping and then using the back of a knife to sweep off the excess flour.

Do you have a background in food?
Nope, nothing formal. I’m just a self-taught kitchen mess maker. I did take a college nutrition course though, if that counts?

What camera do you use?
Currently, I use a Nikon D5100 with a 18-55mm, f/3.5-5.6 lens.

Can I email you directly?
Of course! Send it to Meg (at) NomingthruLife (dot) com.

Do you participate in sponsored content?
Sure do! Well, sometimes. I’m happy to work with a brand/product that I personally use and respect. If you are interested in working with me, please send your inquiries to Meg (at) NomingthruLife (dot) com.

Comment Policy
Hey all, let’s play nice. So keep the comments on-topic, friendly and respectful. For whatever reason if that’s not the case I reserve the right to remove any comments that don’t follow suit or are offensive, inappropriate and/or are just rude in nature.