Multi-Grain Pumpkin French Toast

Multi-Grain Pumpkin French Toast - Only 6 ingredients and you'll be in breakfast heaven. Recipe @

Pumpkin French Toast!!! Holy Mackerel!!! I can pretty much say I want to bury my face into a plate of pumpkin french toast and never surface. Ever. Again.

Drippy maple syrup, melty butter and oooooh the carby delicious pumpkin toast that is happening on this plate is too much. I am by far a pumpkin fan. Always have been always will be. If there’s a pumpkin involved I am all over it. Logan is a pumpkin mega fan as well, so when I’m burying my face in this french toast he doesn’t judge – it’s love, he knows, he accepts.

For the sake of health I did make use multi-grain bread, as I was trying to counteract the amount of damage I do when I try to eat the entire recipe before Logan makes it to the kitchen to eat. That’s a lot of french toast my friends! Shovel, don’t think just shovel! Just mindless eating of french toast, nothing to see here. Om nom nom. Oh hi Logan, did you want some?

Multi-Grain Pumpkin French Toast - Only 6 ingredients and you'll be in breakfast heaven. Recipe @

Multi-Grain Pumpkin French Toast - Only 6 ingredients and you'll be in breakfast heaven. Recipe @

There is only a few things that come to mind that Logan has mad skills at making in the kitchen. They include: mashed potatoes, frying bacon, and french toast. For some reason that’s where his kitchen skills lie and also end. Perhaps he’s conquered those because an actual recipe isn’t involved. I could make an entire book on the adventures of Logan NOT reading recipes. Serious OMG moments! I’ll spare you details for now.

But french toast as I mentioned is in his forte of cookdom. So for once in the kitchen I actually asked him how things looked while cooking. Does this have enough egg? Do you think it’s cooking right? Well needless to say first time out the gate and these toastys were bangin! They have the right amount of pumpkiness and sweet without being dessert for breakfast. And I really enjoyed the multi-grain as it gave it an awesome texture due to the nuts/seeds throughout. Multi-grain is the way to go.

Multi-Grain Pumpkin French Toast - Only 6 ingredients and you'll be in breakfast heaven. Recipe @

My batch came out with six pieces no problem and I squeezed a seventh one out just so I didn’t miss a drop of french toasty goodness. But if you are a big soaker of your bread then you might want to expect one or two slices less. I like to dip and flip and not really soak. I find it gets too soggy for my liking. But I’d eat it either way when it comes to this french toast.

Did I mention there is only 6 INGREDIENTS in this recipe!?!? Can I get another Holy Mackerel???

I don’t think I can ever go back to eating regular french toast again. The only thing is I wish I had a griddle. I had to make mine one by one in a pan. Ugh. Then within four bites it’s gone. Ugh. And for some reason when you eat as you make I swear you eat 10 times more. Ugh. All that waiting in between each one. I normally go for two or three pieces but having to wait it out, I’m hitting four or five without a problem. Shovel. Shovel.

Glad Chewy doesn’t eat french toast or I’d be in the kitchen all day just shuffling pumpkin french toast around into everyone’s faces. It would be never ending – there would be so much wait time in between each piece! The insanity!

Multi-Grain Pumpkin French Toast - Only 6 ingredients and you'll be in breakfast heaven. Recipe @

Now if everyone needs to eat at the same time or one slice at a time won’t cut it – you can keep your slices warm in the oven after cooking. Simply heat your oven to it’s lowest temperature usually 150 or 175 degrees with a parchment lined large baking sheet inside. Then place each slice as it comes off the stove into the oven in a single layer on the lined baking sheet. It’ll keep them warm without getting soggy from stacking them on just a plate.

Well griddle or no griddle this pumpkin french toast is completely and utterly deserving of however you end up cooking it. Just make sure to have lots of delicious maple syrup on hand to douse and devour! Sharing really is optional, folks!

Multi-Grain Pumpkin French Toast - Only 5 ingredients and you'll be in heaven. Recipe @
Yield: 5-7 slices


  1. 1/4 cup pumpkin puree 
  2. 1/4 cup milk
  3. 2 large eggs
  4. 1 tablespoon coconut sugar, or brown sugar
  5. 1 teaspoon pumpkin spice
  6. 5-7 slices multi-grain bread 


  • Preheat a large non-stick skillet over medium heat. 
  • In a medium bowl whisk all ingredients except bread until well combined. 
  • Lightly spray the heated skillet with cooking spray. Place one slice of bread into the pumpkin mixture flipping to coat both side and add to skillet. 
  • Cook for 3-4 minutes per side or until done and browned as desired. Lightly coat skillet again with cooking spray and continue to repeat steps with each additional slice of bread until pumpkin mixture is gone. 
  • Serve immediately with delicious maple syrup, butter and/or your favorite toppings. 


Depending on how long you soak your bread in the mixture will impact how many slices you can make. If you have a griddle feel free to use it and cook more slices at a time. Nutritional facts are based off of two slices with no maple syrup or butter used.
Per Serving
Calories Fat Protein Carbs WW+
240 6g 11g 39g 7 pts
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