Peach & Coconut Chai Oatmeal

Peach & Coconut Chai Oatmeal – Wake up and enjoy a perfect bowl of healthy oatmeal, with this chai oatmeal topped with warm peaches and coconut flakes. (Vegan & GF) | RECIPE at

The other day I was having a conversation with a group of ladies about breakfast foods and one of them started grumbling about how much oatmeal is bland and boring. My first thought was, yaaa if you make it like the package says, it does suck. And even though I’m a big oatty fan, I can’t eat plain oatmeal. Since oats have always been a go to healthier breakfast option, I always wanted to jump on that bandwago. But when I was a kid I would only eat oatmeal if it came doused in brown sugar. Seriously, doused. 1/4 doused. And as I got older I realized that was a brilliant way to destroy any healthiness it had.

So since a bucket of brown sugar was no longer an option, I kind of gave up on oatmeal.

The thing is I never liked eggs, or breakfast food in general. And while I live off of smoothies and toast for breakfast, I’m always looking for more options. Okay, so re-enter oatmeal.

Taking this challenge very seriously, as I do with all things food related. What can I say? I’m serious about food. When’s my next meal? What is it? Then when and what’s after that? The oatmeal challenge began, and began with me brainstorming what liquids can I use other than milks and water. Then, what else can I use to add more flavor. And then more flavor. Pretty much how much flavor can we add without being ridiculous.

Peach & Coconut Chai Oatmeal – Wake up and enjoy a perfect bowl of healthy oatmeal, with this chai oatmeal topped with warm peaches and coconut flakes. (Vegan & GF) | RECIPE at

Now this isn’t the first bowl of oatmeal that came out of my oatmeal challenge, but so far with this new outlook they are all coming out anything but bland.

So what did I learn… that I was playing the oatmeal game all wrong. And that there are a few tricks to this game.

Quick Tips on How to Make Oatmeal Not Suck:
The easiest way to add flavor is to cook or stir in flavor elements. Such as…
- Flavored liquids (i.e. tea or apple cider).
- Pureed fruits, such as pulsed strawberries or even canned pumpkin.
- Protein powder (chocolate…yum!)
- Nut butters (almond, peanut, chocolate hazelnut)
Once you’ve got a solid base of flavor going on, you can load up on toppings… equaling MORE FLAVOR. You can go wild with fruit, nuts, seeds, chocolate or cacao nibs, coconut, cereals (for crunch), and drizzles of nut butters.

I’m telling you flavor is no  longer going to be a problem. See ya later boring and bland oatmeal, you are outta here! And now to get you started (with these tricks and tips in mind), I took a few of my favorite things and fancied-up a bowl of oatmeal for you to try. Ya, oatmeal can be fancy… well fancier. Okay, at least it’s not bland and boring. Let’s just agree on that one.

Peach & Coconut Chai Oatmeal – Wake up and enjoy a perfect bowl of healthy oatmeal, with this chai oatmeal topped with warm peaches and coconut flakes. (Vegan & GF) | RECIPE at

Let’s have a little chat about chai’s. Chai’s (tea or latte) are one of my absolute favorite drinks EVVAAR. Okay, other than water. Quality water. Because yes all water is different, and some bottles just aren’t very good. And while I don’t support water bottles (I use jugs, and recycle them thank you very much) some of us can’t get away with filtering the water they get from the tap. Some of us have water that tastes like dirt. Legitimate dirt. So unfortunately we have to buy water, because I don’t drink dirt. Right, anyway. Chai’s have been one of my favorite since I was a kid. My dad would buy the concentrate and while he was away at work, I would chug as many chai’s as I could. Which led me to my chai obsession. And it doesn’t just exist of the drink but chai flavored anything. Ice cream, cookies and now oatmeal… yes sir’eeeee. Give it to me!

If I had to pick a favorite (truly) seasonal fruit, it would be peaches. I loooove me some peaches. Even those little peach gummies, which I am totally craving now by the way. Nice job Meg. But as soon as I see peaches in store I get like a little kid on the inside and start stuffing them into a produce bag. Which is usually followed by Logan asking if I am really going to eat that many. Which is then followed by a hiss out of me, and protective mother growl. My peaches!

As a true peach lover, I have to ask… do you know the trick to peeling peaches? Not with a peeler, that’s for sure.

How to Peel Peaches with Ease:
Boil water in a medium/large stockpot (depending on how many peaches you need to peel).
Lightly place peach or peaches into water. Let float in water for 30 seconds – 1 minute.
Remove peaches and set into a bowl of ice water to cool. If you don’t have ice you can run the tap on a low stream to help keep the water cool.
Then, remove one peach at a time and simply pull/pinch the skin off. It literally falls right off! Repeat until all your peaches are nudey.

This is the perfect method for one peach or a whole bushel! Plus you skip the whole sticky hands bit.

Peach & Coconut Chai Oatmeal – Wake up and enjoy a perfect bowl of healthy oatmeal, with this chai oatmeal topped with warm peaches and coconut flakes. (Vegan & GF) | RECIPE at

Quick note on coconut… it’s delicious – don’t skip it! If you have time on your hands, toast that bisnasss! And make extra, just so you can eat it whenever you please. Mmk.

How do you prefer your oatmeal? I prefer my oatmeal to be rather thick, Logan likes his more liquidy and some prefer it soupy. You’ll see in the notes I added a little notation about adding more coconut milk or tea if you like yours thinner. It’s always easier to add then take away as I always say, so feel free to make it as is and then just stir in more of either liquid to reach your desired consistency.

Peach & Coconut Chai Oatmeal – Wake up and enjoy a perfect bowl of healthy oatmeal, with this chai oatmeal topped with warm peaches and coconut flakes. (Vegan & GF) | RECIPE at

Now, if you are crunched for time in the morning but these oats are singing your name, it’s cool I’ve got some options for you.

For the peaches: You can make the peaches ahead of time, whether a single serving or multiple peaches in order to make more than one oat bowl. Simply toss the peaches in a little lemon juice before cooking ( just to be on the safe side). Lemon is an ideal preserver for fruit!

For the tea: You can make a large batch of tea and store it in the fridge until ready to use. It doesn’t matter if the tea is hot or cold when you mix it with the oats as it’s going to be heated in the microwave anyway.

So hopefully those corner cutters will save you some time if need be and let you too enjoy this fancier bowl of oatmeal in the morning.

It is sort of fancier, right?

**Oh! If you make any of Noming’s recipes, be sure to snap a photo and share them on twitter or instagram with #nomingthrulife so we can see them too. I mean you would only make my day and all if you did!**

Peach & Coconut Chai Oatmeal – Wake up and enjoy a perfect bowl of healthy oatmeal, with this chai oatmeal topped with warm peaches and coconut flakes. (Vegan & GF) | RECIPE at
Peach & Coconut Chai Oatmeal – Wake up and enjoy a perfect bowl of healthy oatmeal, with this chai oatmeal topped with warm peaches and coconut flakes. (Vegan & GF) | RECIPE at
Yield: 1 serving


  1. 1/2 cup quick cooking oats (gluten free, if needed)
  2. 2/3 cup strong brewed chai tea
  3. 1/3 cup coconut milk (I used So Delicious, Original)
  4. 1 yellow fleshed peach, peeled, pitted and sliced
  5. 1/4-1/2 teaspoon coconut oil
  6. 1 teaspoon maple syrup
  7. Toppings: coconut flakes or shredded coconut, additional maple syrup


  • In a microwave safe bowl, add oats, tea and coconut milk, stirring to combine. In a microwave. heat oat mixture for 2 minutes. If necessary, continue cook until desired thickness has been reached. Just keep in mind that the oatmeal will thicken as it cools. Set aside.
  • While oats cool slightly, in a small nonstick pan melt coconut oil over medium heat. Add peach slices and cook until they soften and darken slightly in color, approximately 2-3 minutes. Remove peaches from heat and toss in maple syrup. Layer peaches on top of oatmeal, sprinkle with coconut flakes and add a drizzle maple syrup.
  • Enjoy immediately.


If you prefer a more liquidy oatmeal feel free to add more coconut milk or tea after cooking to obtain desired consistency. If you find tea to be bitter at all, simply add additional maple syrup to sweeten the oatmeal or use a 1/2 and 1/2 liquid ratio, instead of the above 2/3 to 1/3. You could also top oatmeal with pecans for additional nutrition and crunch. I used unsweetened coconut for my oatmeal.
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  1. Reiko -

    This looks and sounds delicious! I’m not a big oatmeal fan, but I will try this! I particularly love the idea of adding toasted coconut. I can almost smell it from your pictures! It’s funny to read that you get so serious about food. I’m the same way. I take time studying the menu before going to a restaurant, I carefully choose dishes I’m going to try, and sometimes I even decide what my husband should order too(lol).

    • Meg -

      Wow, not a fan and still willing to try it? I must have done something right? It was the coconut wasn’t it? Haha. I think this works so well with toasted coconut, and I’m glad you agree to. I figured it might be too much of an extra step for most people in the a.m. so that’s why I mentioned using toasted instead of actually having the recipe state it. And I’m always checking restaurant menus beforehand too! I order for Logan as well sometimes, usually because he’s a deer in headlights. And I think to myself, this one has Logan’s name all over it. I’m usually (if not always) right, like I am sure you are too ;) Thanks Reiko!!

  2. Harriet Emily -

    OMG! This is one extra special oatmeal Meg! I’ve never tried chai flavours with peach or coconut before – let alone with oats! It sounds amazing, and it’s such an inventive combo! It’s so perfect for my Sunday brunches, I know my family would love this. I love the way you cooked the peaches in coconut oil too, they sound sooo good – I bet I could even eat that as a dish on its own! Mmmm… my stomach is now really rumbling – need to make this!!

    • Meg -

      Thanks Harriet!! I could chai anything and be happy, but it really does go especially well with peaches and coconut. Sunday brunch would perfect for these too! I love that it goes beyond your typical oatmeal, and it presents well to ;) So you are soooo right about brunch. Plus, I think if warm peaches are involved you can convince anyone it’s a must try! If you do make it for your fam, please let me know how they like it! I appreciate you stopping by Harriet and hope your tummy rumbles settle down ;)

    • Meg -

      Right Chiara!?!? Chai is seriously one of my favorites, it has such a calming flavor. Alright chai lover you will definitely have to tell me what you think when you do make it! Thanks girlie!

  3. Michelle @ Vitamin Sunshine -

    Love your oatmeal challenge– although personally, I have never thought oatmeal was bland or boring! I love them, pretty much anyway you cook them. At home, I’ll get creative (although I’ve never done chai and PEACHES! Yum.), but at work, I just take baggies of oats and add hot water when I’m hungry in the mornings for a quick, filling, hot snack. I also love to add seeds to bags of oats/oatbran and take them traveling with me– they are a great airport snack when you want something healthy.

    I love peaches too– living in Malaysia right now, and we don’t get good ones here. We do get them– but they are very expensive, nearly never ripen, and have pretty much no flavor.

    • Meg -

      Man, I wish oatmeal was more exciting for me on it’s own. But I love oaty flavored things, like granola, cookies, (p.s. think healthy nut and seedy granola, and breakfast cookies, but sweet treat cookies work too!). I’ve been adding chia and flax seeds to everything this past year. Drinks, toast, granola (again with the granola, I think I have an obsession)… baked goods, you name it! It’s such an easy way to sneak in healthy superfoods.
      And boy can I relate to being able to get better or incomparable produce in different countries. I lived overseas when I was a kid, and have never had clementines like I did in the Middle East. Every year I buy bags and bags hoping to find just one bag that I deem even worthy of being called a clementine. And every year, I’m so bummed! How long have you been in Malaysia?

    • Meg -

      Isn’t oatmeal such an easy and healthy choice for the a.m.? And this is definitely one to add to the rotation ;) Thanks for Pinning and stopping by Marcie, always love to have you comment!

    • Meg -

      It’s definitely winning Karen, you got that right! Coconut milk is my FAVORITE plant/nut milk. I love it’s delicate natural sweetness. And like you mentioned it’s perfect for oatmeal as it helps to make the oats nice and creamy. Thanks so much for stopping by Karen!

  4. Michaell | Foodscape -

    This looks Ah-mazing! And really stunning Meg. Your pictures make me feel like I’m going to be gobbling down peach cobbler for breakfast. Only crazy people would say no to that! I just bought some chai tea bags for my chai recipe on my blog…glad to have another recipe to make with them. I never would’ve thought of tea for my oatmeal liquid. Brilliant!

    • Meg -

      Ah, thanks Michaell… virtual hug for your super sweetness! And you are so right, only crazy people would turn down a peach cobbler’esque breakfast. Seriously! Glad I could help put some of those tea bags to use ;) Although I might have just used them all on that delicious pudding of yours!! Yum!

    • Meg -

      Isn’t that the truth! I can’t go to the store or market without buying more peaches right now. They have completely replaced by apple a day mantra ;) Thanks for stopping by Lia!

  5. Julia -

    Well, I tried it this morning and all I can say is that this will be my new favorite oatmeal of alltime! The peaches tasted just aaahh so good and I’m definetely going to try more of your recipes! :)

    • Meg -

      Yay!! Best day ever!! ;) Thanks for trying it Julia… I’m SO happy you enjoyed it. Hope the next dish you make it just as delicious. Thanks again!

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