Quinoa Chili Verde - Hearty and healthy green chili that's super easy to make and full of flavor (Vegan & GF). Recipe @ NomingthruLife.com
Yield: 4-6 servings
  1. 1 tablespoon butter (vegan, if desired)
  2. 1 medium sweet or yellow onion, diced
  3. 3 garlic cloves, pressed
  4. 1 1/4 cup salsa verde
  5. 1 (15 oz.) can pinto beans, undrained
  6. 1 (15 oz.) can great northern beans, undrained
  7. 1 (15 oz.) can navy beans, undrained 
  8. 4 cups vegetarian chicken broth
  9. 1/3 cup quinoa, rinsed
  10. 1/4 teaspoon Mexican oregano
  11. optional toppings: fresh lime juice, fresh cilantro, avocado, tortilla chips
Soup will appear very liquidy at first, as the soup and quinoa cook a lot of the liquid will be absorbed/cooked off. If you like your chili thicker reduce, broth by 1/2 a cup. You can always add more liquid/broth but you can't so easily take away. If your salsa is thick you may need to add additional broth. Nutritional information is based off of 5 servings.