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So we’ve had some “work done” around here. Actually I would say we’ve had a major face lift! And oooo baby do we look sweet! Logan and I have been working and working to bring Noming thru Life to the next level or maybe just an actual level altogether. It’s been an ongoing project since Spring in fact. Which I take 75% credit for taking as long as it has. I pretty much fall in love with something new every 45 minutes so poor Logan would make changes to one little thing probably 100 times before I caved and settled for it. AND I’m sort of a nit picker and perfectionist… meaning I’m so much fun to live with! But somehow through my ever evolving list of changes Logan has done an incredible job. Am I Right?

But if you can’t remember how far this beauty has come, these were the duds we were strutting in before…

Website Makeover Then & Now -

I mean check that OUT! Did you see the wonderful new logo as well!? Guyyys, this is getting legit!

And even more so – beyond the pretty that is billowing out from your screen there are a lot of new features as well. So let’s hit up what is new around here so we can get to the noms.

First up on our little tour is that we’ve got a navigation bar ya’ll. It’s so funny that that’s sort of a big deal. Decisions you will have to make when it comes to the nav. bar include, the About Page where you can read a little tidbit about myself and Logan, or to check out questions that pop up often from other readers on the FAQ’s Page, OR you can even shoot me a message on the Contact Page. But the page you may be jumping to first is our new Recipe Page, which offers all of the Noming thru Life’s greatness in an organized, easy to browse way. Whoa!

And speaking of recipes and greatness we’ve added the option to print out our recipes as well. I know! We are getting all fancy now. There’s a little print icon on each of our recipes (moving forward) and all you have to do is give it a click – you can now have your very own copy of our noms. Best day ever!

Soapbox moment: it’s important that you learn to share. So we thought you needed another opportunity in your life to do just that so here comes…. Share Buttons! Find your favorite social media platform and click to share with friends. Or get click happy and share it with anybody who will listen. We prefer the latter. But Hey! Share the love either way my friend. Plus we think you are super cool if you do and it’s important to learn to share… remember.

Next up on the grand ole tour and update of all things Noming, is that we got ourselves a little newsletter. And a carrot. I’m not sure which you should be more excited about and frankly you shouldn’t have to choose. So weekly you can get our newsletter/updates AND you will also get a little carrot in your life. Bucky (the carrot) lives a rather curious life which is documented in our weekly newsletter. He may also show up time to time to make a surprise appearance on the blog, but you can always count on him to be in the newsletter every week. Sooo… don’t miss out on the happenings of Noming thru Life or Bucky and get on the list my friend – it’s the right thing to do!

Noming thru Life Newsletter Sign Up -

Wowzer! We’ve put a lot into this face lift and there are a number of things you will find here and there that we haven’t mentioned. But we are ready to rock n roll and start sharing some delicious noms. So don’t be a stranger and better yet let’s be friends….

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And one last thing. THANK YOU! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for taking the time to spend a little bit of your day with us. You are the reason we decided to “Go Big or Go Home.” Lots of love to each and everyone of you.


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